360° Mobile Ads

Go beyond the page with mobile's most engaging and immersive ad experience.

360° Video Ads for a 360° World.


Brand Awareness

How It Works


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Features that drive superior Brand engagement

Vertebrae's 360° Mobile Video format engages audiences with compelling, immersive brand experiences that drive time-on-ad to new levels.

Features include:

  • Smooth video loading & playback
  • Comprehensive engagement reporting with video completion & field of view (FOV) tracking
  • Customizable CTA's & End Cards
  • Tap-to-Google Cardboard mode for VR viewing experiences
  • Compatible with MRAID and mobile web formats

Vertebrae creates a premium 

ad viewing experience 

Smooth User Experience
Loads quickly. Visual cues simplify navigation.

Brand Overlays

Customizable. Interactive.

VR Viewing Mode

Tap to instantly view ad with

 Google Cardboard.

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