Vertebrae tools help you build immersive, native VR advertising.


Create Ads with Depth & Presence

New Advertising for a Powerful New Medium

Reach and engage each consumer through native ad formats built for the most immersive medium ever.

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Why settle for passive banners when your brand can have so much more?  With Vertebrae's built-for-VR ad formats, consumers can actually engage with your product, at scale.   Our range of ad formats work natively inside VR game experiences and 360° video content, including:

  • 3D Interactive
  • 360° Video
  • Branded Image Backgrounds
  • Virtual Brand Rooms
  • Custom VR Mini-Games
  • Content Sponsorships

No banners here! 

VR gives consumers unprecedented ways to engage and interact with brand advertising. But as we move beyond the click, new metrics are needed to measure the full user experience, define engagement, and track performance.  These metrics are the key to understanding and quantifying ROI in this extraordinary new medium. 


With more than 15 years of combined VR experience, Vertebrae's team  understands the technical nuances of capturing and measuring 3D experiences.  Vertebrae's platform offers advertisers and publishers innovative tools, tech, and analytics to fully mesure engagement and add performance.

New Metrics for the World of Virtual Reality

created by Seth Eckert

Vertebrae's 3D Ad Insertion technology allows publishers to create 

interactive 3D Ad Placements within a Virtual World.

3D Product Placement

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