Monetize Your VR & 360° Video Content and Drive Discovery

Given the current cost of making VR and 360º video content, creators and publishers need effective ways to monetize their material without degrading the user experience.  

That’s where Vertebrae comes in. With Vertebrae's platform, publishers can monetize their VR and 360º video apps and drive discovery using our wide range of native and interactive ad formats.  Vertebrae is working closely with the IAB as a founding member of the team establishing the first VR/AR advertising standards, ensuring your virtual ad inventory has the broadest possible base of buyers.

Native Advertising Formats

Using Vertebrae's tools, VR game developers and 360º video publishers can easily create customized, scalable native inventory to drive monetization.  Our tools also allow publishers to add incentives and rewards to their ad content for even more reach and engagement.  Need more flexibility and power?  Our 360º video ad server also works in non-VR environments.

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